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This image bank is full of photos that show how parents can put their child to sleep safely. A green check mark indicates safe sleeping situations, a red X in the corner of a picture shows a situation which is not safe and increases the risk of cot death. Parents have voluntarily contributed to this image bank; to give other parents good and risk increasing examples. The red X pictures are of course put in scene for the Safe Sleeping Image Bank. All photos can be used as training and education materials on safe sleeping and the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. For this purpose solely, the pictures are free to download for presentations, publications in magazines and on websites. A condition is that the name of the photographer is always written down next to the displayed photo.

An extra advice to the user of this image bank:
When a risk increasing picture is chosen for training purposes or an article, please also show the always the correct example as well!



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Geen afbeelding.

Foto’s met een rood kruisje zijn speciaal voor deze Beeldbank in scene gezet.

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